First post!

Well, here we go.  I finally got tired of never getting around setting up a fancy blog engine on some personalized domain with a hosting account or some server running under my desk.  So here we go – using Live Spaces Blogging to finally have a technical blog.   It’ll do just fine, and it’s supported by Windows Live Writer, which is a really great little Windows app that can post to all kinds of blogging engines:

To get started, a little introduction – I’m Ryan Dorrell (obviously), and I’m one of the founding partners at AgileThought, Inc. in Tampa, FL.  I’m in the role of CTO, which means I have the privilege of leading the technical direction of our company, and I have an immense amount of technical talent surrounding me to assist me in this endeavor.  Not too many days go by where I don’t think “wow, we have some amazingly smart people working here”.   I also stay very involved in project work, and it’s not uncommon for me to work or talk with several different customers in a given week. 

The intent of this blog is to be relatively technical, with a focus on the Microsoft stack.  I have a few posts queued up from our internal AgileThought blogs, so you may see a flurry of posts here in the next few days.

Also, I’m on Twitter at (or if you want to follow my running training).  I’m also at LinkedIn and Facebook – but in full disclosure, will generally only accept requests if I know you personally – nothing against you, but those 2 social sites have more personal info 🙂

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