Design Trends of 2012

VentureBeat had a good article recently on the design trends (as they relate to software/web/mobile apps):

They mention responsive design, which we built using.  Clearly that’s a great way to hedge that your site will be useful if you are hitting it with a 2.2 inch Android-based device, or a 30 inch display running Windows 8.  The array of devices is so amazingly vast these days we can’t hope to test a site on everything, so putting in effort towards a responsive design looks like the best way to approach the daunting task of designing for the web these days.

I have to completely agree with the opinion that modal dialogs fall under the “not-so-good” category.  Especially with mobile devices.  Ever tried to close a popup on your phone’s browser?

One trend I think we’ll see continue to grow is making web interfaces far more touch friendly than they are today.  More and more devices will be touch-screen.  (I’m typing this on a touch-screen laptop right now)  Touch will become more and more prevalent as a natural way to interact.  Web design will need to keep up with this trend.

Now is a great time to be a talented UX designer – your skills will continue to grow in demand, and developers are going to need to understand how to make designs come alive, and collaborate with UX designers. 

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