Agile Open Florida 2014

The reviews are in – Agile Open Florida 2014 was a huge success!

I wanted to share my opening remarks that I made as we got started.  I’m sharing these because I firmly believe in what I said, and wanted to repeat myself. 

Welcome to the first ever Agile Open Florida! This is the first event of its kind in the state of Florida! I would like to begin by saying that I’m am thrilled to see so many people here today. If you are here today, it is because you value uncovering better ways of developing software, and want to help others do it. You are here because you value individuals and interactions. You value collaboration. You value continuous improvement. And you value community. Our industry is special. Software is everywhere. It runs our transportation, our commerce, our health care. Nearly everything we touch today has software in it. We, as professionals involved with software development, have a duty to make our profession better. To deliver better software. To even, dare I say, make developing software a fun and enjoyable process for all those involved!

I hope that is why you are here today. To get better. To improve. To teach and lead, and to learn. The Open Space Technology format we will be participating in today has been created for exactly that purpose. I encourage you to participate and engage. Our theme today is The Agile Revolution. A revolution cannot occur without passionate individuals who believe in something better. Today we will uncover better ways of developing software. Welcome again to Agile Open Florida 2014!

I also wanted to share some of the feedback that truly made me proud of the event and of all the people that helped make it happen.  These quotes are from either Twitter or

Great to spend a day with people who say “we can”

Love the collaboration and willingness to be open!

Wonderful agile community here in FLA!

An absolutely fantastic experience. Getting to meet folks from around Central Florida, and how they’re coming together to make a difference in their organizations by sharing their knowledge, and experiences.

enjoyed meeting so many great people. Your passion to learn and share your agile knowledge is truly uplifting.

I drove all way from Miami and it was 100% worth it! So many Agile passionate and devoted professionals, plenty of ideas, suggestions and tips for our Agile journey. Unique opportunity to learn from and educate peers.

I loved the event and am looking forward to the next Agile Open Florida.

Inspiring and confirming! Thanks so much for organizing. I am in on the volunteer team to take this further!


Great day. Learned so much. Everyone very helpful and open. Looking forward to the next Agile Open Florida.

And special thanks to Ainsley Nies who was our facilitator for the day.  I had the privilege of spending a little time with her the evening before the event.  She’s a fantastic lady and we were extremely lucky to have her with us!



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