My ideal wearable

There is a lot of noise lately about wearables, from Google Glass to the Samsung Gear watches to the upcoming Apple Watch.  So far though, nothing is what I would consider worth me plunking down hundreds of dollars.  With CES 2015 going on right now, wearables, and especially watch-form factors, are looking to be a large part of the new gadgets that are making their way into the market this year.  

The show isn’t over yet, but here’s what I’m personally looking for in a smart watch wearable:

  • Built-in GPS with Garmin-like functions, so I can use it as a running watch.  I have a Garmin 620 now, and love it.  A smartwatch that could fill this role would be great.  Integration with a heart rate monitor too.
  • Stylish but rugged – if it’s going to be something I wear all the time and for running, it needs to be able to take a bit of beating and be…
  • Waterproof, and most certainly sweat-proof.  I should be able to run in the rain or swim with it also.
  • Phone capability – without an accompanying smartphone!  Paired with a very small Bluetooth ear bud for communication so I don’t have to look like Dick Tracy talking into my wrist.
  • SMS/MMS capabilities – receive/send texts and picture texts.
  • Application store/platform – for 3rd parties to integrate with.
  • Payment feature – support for paying for things.  (Apple Watch will have Apple Pay, so something like this)
  • Lightweight – shouldn’t be big or clunky, and weigh no more than your average watch.
  • Touchscreen – obviously.

And oh – battery life of at least a day.  I don’t mind recharging once a day – I take my watch off at night anyway – but even 8 hour battery life is too short. 

That’s all obviously a pretty tall order, and we are headed in that direction I believe, but we do have a ways to go before smart watch wearables are truly and incredibly useful.  Until then…we’ll be using multiple devices.     

Update: the Garmin Fenix 3 is getting close.

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