What’s on my bookshelf, October 2018

When it comes to books, I have a very itchy trigger finger on the “Buy Now” button.  Personally, I love the feel of holding a book in my hand, being able to quickly flip through pages, taking it anywhere without fear of running out of battery, dog-earing pages, and giving it to someone else when I’m done with it.  That said, my ability to consume is often far outweighed by the book content I actually buy.  But I have zero guilt about buying a book, so I’ll continue to do so shamelessly.

The list of books below is what is on my bookshelf right now for readings related to my work.  I’ll probably never finish all these, and I’ll probably buy more before I even get close.  I thought I’d share my bookshelf to perhaps give you an idea of a new book to buy, read, learn from, and enjoy.


Creative Selection

I haven’t started this yet, but it looks like a very interesting peek into the Apple design process. I’ve flipped through a bit of it, and from the little snippets I’ve read, it looks like a pretty detailed account of thought processes that going into product design.

Hit Refresh

AgileThought is a Microsoft partner, and this is the manifesto of the new corporate culture and mindset at Microsoft. I haven’t finished it yet, but I have found the aspect of insight into the life and inner thoughts of a major CEO very interesting.

Artificial Intelligence

Applied Artificial Intelligence : An Handbook for Business Leaders

I’m most looking forward to reading this. I’ve only flipped through it, but it looks like a straightforward read on a topic business and IT leaders should be fully aware of. From the snippets I’ve read, it has case studies and examples of real-world applications of AI technology. I’m moving this one to the top of the pile.

Human+Machine : Reimagining Work in the Age of AI

Another book focused on how AI is used by business. It’s published by Harvard Business Review, and is co-authored by two well known thinkers in the business/technology space.

Prediction Machines

This book focuses more on the economics of AI, and especially how predictive analytics and prediction tools can be used to increase productivity and reduce uncertainty in decision making.  Also published by HBR, and written by the team of authors who introduced us to the concept of an AI Canvas here: https://hbr.org/2018/04/a-simple-tool-to-start-making-decisions-with-the-help-of-ai

Product Management

Monetizing Innovation

I’ve read most of this one. If part of your job is to create prices and monetization strategies for products and services, you should put it on your list.

The Design Thinking Playbook

The contents of this book are highly visual, but there is a ton of written content in here too (and the font is pretty small). It’s almost a bit overwhelming. I had higher hopes for this book – I haven’t been able to get through it all yet because it’s a daunting read, which is ironic given the book espouses “less is more”.

Value Proposition Design

Another highly-visual book, this one is a much easier read, and focused on value proposition. Lots of great content, visualizations, and practical tools with examples you can use in product design. Recommended.

Service Design

This is Service Design Doing / This is Service Design Thinking

These books are companion books on the topic of service design, which is an emerging field of study. Pretty heady stuff in both these, but the case studies in them help explain the concepts and tools in practical use (especially it the “Doing” book). The authors have also published some great supplemental content online at: http://thisisservicedesignthinking.com/

Designing the Invisible

Another service design book, this one is also chock full of real-world examples, and a highly visual layout. It’s an easier read than the other 2 books, and focuses also on digital services.


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